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Wedding Planning

At Lovely Chic Occasions, we truly love creating events artistically saturated with the essence of our couples. Your wedding should not look like a mishmash of Pinterest boards or a theme you see over and over. What you want is for your guests to have an experience

they'll be talking about for years.

To help with this, we offer; full, partial and month- and day-of-coordination wedding planning. We will walk you through contracts, flowers and venues, one thing we know is that not all trends work in all venues.


Event Planning

There is a formulated process to planning an event. But for many the thought is overwhelming. A planner is not a necessity. It's a luxury every couple deserves.

Our job is to relieve the stress factors so you can sit back and enjoy the celebration.


We rely on our professional (and personal) relationships to help ensure a flawless celebration, which ensures that no stone is left unturned, no linen is left unsteamed, and no guest is left without a smile on their face.

Wedding Planning

When an event stylist is able to merge a couple's designs with floral inspiration the completed product is art. Flowers are everything to us — the color, texture and the smell. 

An event is never complete without a floral design. We pour our hearts into our designs. If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, we are your girls.

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