What is a Wedding Month of Coordinator?

A look at the Wedding Month of Coordinator

I’m often asked, “what is a Wedding Month of Coordinator? How is it different from a Wedding Planner?”

A Wedding Month of Coordinator is a professional wedding planner who focuses ONLY on the logistics of your wedding day. Their goal is to make your wedding day stress-free; their duty is to execute your plans.

A Month of Coordinator is hired six-to-eight weeks prior to the wedding date. Their responsibility is to ensure that all vendors ‘contracts have been reviewed, all details are confirmed, and a detailed timeline is created and dispersed to the bridal party and vendors.

The Month of Coordinator will do a walk-through of the ceremony and reception venues and create or review a floor plan, as well as make note of and manage details that may have gone overlooked.

Month of Coordinator usually work about 20 hours – 10 hours on the day of the event (although each wedding can differ depending on the couple) and 10 hours throughout the month coordinating with the couple.

Huffington Post says that “Month of Coordinators help with small details to make sure the event runs smoothly and is perfect for the couples capable of planning their own wedding.” This is true, especially if you are organized, excited about the process, and have enough time to commit to planning every little detail.

While self-planning has the potential to be overwhelming and stressful, there are many benefits to it – saving money and being 100 percent involved.

But, when it comes down to” the day of the wedding,” you do not want to be worried about what time the flowers are arriving, when the cake should be brought out, or where the band should set up. This is where your Month of Coordinator or day-of wedding planner steps in. It is their job to execute all your plans , the only thing you should worry about that day is saying “I do!”

It is worth noting that some catering halls have staff members called bridal attendants, they are assigned to assist the bride with personal things and running small errands, but they do not deal with logistics like the Month of Coordinator. Your MC has spent weeks getting to know you and has a clear understanding of your vision.

Contact Lovely Chic Occasions if you need assistance planning or a Month of Coordinator.

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