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I’m often intrigued by the origin of traditions. Have you not thought ‘why do we have wedding receptions after a wedding?’ ‘What does the wedding cake signify and why do we cut it? ‘Here’s what I discovered. In pre-18th century, wedding cakes were symbols of good fortune – a slice was given to each guest for good luck, fertility and social status. The bigger the cake, the higher up the social status. Wedding cakes were a sign of luxury not everyone could afford a wedding, they were often baked by mothers of the bride and/or family members if one could not be bought.

Today’s brides are opting for something a bit more untraditional. Cakes are being substituted with donut walls, dessert bars or simple cupcakes. In most instances, these are budget-friendly ideas and a window into the personality of the new couple.

As cakes have changed, so have wedding receptions. Wedding receptions typically take place after the wedding to announce the bride and groom to society.

Like cakes, wedding menus have changed depending on the time of day of the wedding ceremony. Evening receptions introduce fine dining cuisine while earlier celebrations may incorporate brunch ideas, fast food elements, wholesome meals and signature dishes that add a little more character to the wedding. Lovely Chic Occasions is all about adding character, unexpected elements to a wedding that soles expresses the couples personality or wedding theme.

Lovely Chic Occasions NYC/ Long Island Wedding & Event planning. Serving Brooklyn + Queens + Manhattan brides

Lovely Chic Occasions owned by floral, wedding and event designer Peace Moore

Lovely Chic Occasions offers: Wedding planning/ design, Event planning/design, Elopement planning/ design, Floral design, Dessert table styling.

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