Wedding Etiquette

Now that wedding season has almost ended, here are some Top Wedding Etiquettes I have observed from previous clients.

Wedding Etiquette

  • Don’t include registry information on your invitations.

A wedding invitation is a written invite given to your closes friends and family asking them to come to your big day. “Guests know you love them and want them to be there to witness your wedding vows—not a place to ask for gifts. So you wonder, how will your guest know where you are registered at? The modern way could be plugging your wedding website on the bottom of your invitation.”

  • Don’t make guests wait too long to start the party.

“The quickest way to make your guests feel forgotten is to leave a big gap in your timeline between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of cocktail hour. If everything is in the same venue, time it so the bar opens and appetizers get passed as soon as your guests leave your ceremony site. If they’re at two different locations, do your best to minimize the in-between time, allowing enough time for guests to travel from one spot to the other, but not enough time to sit around and get hungry “

  • It is Customary for guest to bring a gift to the wedding.

"The gift could be monetary or a gift from the wedding registry. Usually money is given at the wedding, and wedding registry gifts can be given at the bridal shower. One event doesn’t erase the other, they are two separate occasions, that warrants a gift."

  • Don’t forget to take care of your wedding party.

“Your friends are committing time and money to be a part of your celebration, so don’t forget to be a good friend right back! Do your best to keep the experience as drama-free as possible, which is really the greatest gift you can give them”

  • Don’t make guests pay for their drinks.

  • Don’t forget to feed your vendors

  • Never invite a guest to your wedding via text message or social media platform. A little bit of thought goes a long way. And the same goes for thank-you notes

  • If the invitation specially says no children allowed, don't ask if you can bring your kids. Feel free to reach out to the couple about local babysitters or other childcare options. If it's unclear if children are invited or not, you may need to politely ask.

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